Custom eLearning courses for KROG

About project

The design and development of interactive online courses for the non-profit organization Krog are presented below.

Articulate Storyline
Making online courses

Krog is a non-profit international organization whose main activities are humanitarian work, social protection, education, media, integration, health, development of cooperation, and cultural activities. A great team of people from their branch in Slovenia was looking for an eLearning company in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of creating and producing two eLearning courses in cooperation with their partner organizations in our country. The courses concerned children's rights and women's rights in society.

Project in details

Take a look at the projects that we've done in collaboration with our business partners. Every project is a story in itself and we took a unique approach for each one of them, trying to achieve high flexibility and the best results.

At the very beginning, as often happens, the client needed our strategic advisory role and through several meetings, we specified exactly what and how needs to be done to achieve what they want. The result of our conversations was clearly defined contents of the course for the production and creation of a dedicated website for accessing these same courses. What has accelerated the process of starting work on the project is that the complete content has been submitted by the client.

Given that they are two different target groups, our instructional designers had an important task in differentiating the approach of future course participants, as well as the design itself. We made a prototype of both courses, with the course for children's rights presenting elements of gamification, additions such as collecting badges, as well as illustrated visual identity, and having in mind that the course for women's rights is intended for adults, it was treated differently. After approving our prototype, we started the phase of creating a beta version. It was especially challenging to pay attention to the visualization of the content because the client chose a course without narration (voice-over), so we communicated the story and messages provided by the materials in a specific way.

In parallel with the course work, our UX / UI designer designed the identity of the website and received the necessary texts and other relevant information from the Krog staff as content. By finalizing the courses and designing the website, everything was ready for the developers to take matters into their own hands. They turned it into a real website and integrated the courses produced.

To complete everything, we have added to the existing elements a customized programmed evaluation questionnaire and a certificate of completion of the course, which the participants automatically generated after all completed obligations. The client asked for strict navigation of the course so that no passer-by could reach the end without really dedicated time and going through all the planned activities. Finally, we installed Google Analytics, with which Krog monitors various parameters such as records and number of visits from specific regions, type of device to access the course, time spent by visitors, and many other details.

Other projects

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