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About project

In this section, we present our collaboration with the SHL Youth Foundation with a focus on developing an online learning platform.

LMS Administration

SHL is a youth foundation that has existed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years and is dedicated to working with young people, their personal development and creating conditions for their progress through various projects and support programs. With the onset of the pandemic and the general lockdown, most programs were blocked, which led the foundation's coordinators to think about alternative solutions for their implementation. They came to us through research and introduced us to their foundation and presented us with their current challenges.

Project in details

Take a look at the projects that we've done in collaboration with our business partners. Every project is a story in itself and we took a unique approach for each one of them, trying to achieve high flexibility and the best results.

Since the lockdown forced the foundation to suspend its programs, the logical request was to try to create a platform through which these same programs would be realized online. The idea was to first structure the platform by programs and then to further branch into courses and modules within those programs. Also, the coordinators wanted to monitor the progress of participants and to make certain restrictions necessary for the completion of all activities before taking over the certificate. In addition, they wanted a platform through which they could create different types of exercises and quizzes so that they could increase interaction with participants.

Taking into account all the requests we received from SHL, we suggested that Moodle LMS be used as a tool. We installed Moodle on our server, chose a theme and adapted it to the visual identity of the foundation. After that, we made settings on the platform itself and installed the necessary plugins that will be needed for the implementation of activities. After we created the first category and added the first course to it, we organized a workshop with the coordinators from the foundation to introduce them to the work done and to educate them about using the platform. The idea was that the coordinators have enough knowledge to be able to operate the platform independently, with our technical support as needed. When it came time to enroll the first participants, we used the Moodle LMS feature and realized this by entering (uploading) all participants at once.

As a result of our work, we have a platform that is easy to use, for both coordinators and participants, and that efficiently delivers learning content to its users. The platform serves to transfer knowledge through well-designed modules built on various activities and resources. All processes can be monitored such as time spent on each course, activities implemented, courses completed and certificates taken. The special feature of the platform is that it allows participants to go through all the materials independently with minimal, almost passive participation of coordinators or others.

For SHL, which has been educating young people for many years, this was a new discovery and complete enthusiasm for the possible. We are glad that they recognized our friendliness and professionalism, which resulted in building a long-term relationship based on trust and respect. After the initially planned activities, SHL decided to digitize other materials that were not originally planned. Perhaps that speaks best of the impressions.

Other projects

In collaboration with its business partners, Smartlab had done numerous other projects. Take a look at some of the other projects we've been working on.


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